TEDxSilver Oaks event is independently organized under license from TED
To Attend
Guide lines for People wanting to attend the conference:
  • Children are not allowed
  • Do come early. Be seated by 3.45 PM. TEDx Silver Oaks starts sharp at 4:00 PM.
  • There are no seat reservations.
  • However, first 4 rows are reserved for Speakers & the Guests.
  • Networking with the attendees is as much a part of TEDx as the speakers, so introduce yourself & socialize.
  • There will be 2 breaks during the program.
  • Tea Time Snacks are available at a cost.
  • Photography / Videography are strictly not allowed.
  • Mobile phones should be put in silent mode.
  • Avoid movement in/out of the venue during the talks or keep to a minimum to avoid
  • disruption to the speaker, other attendees & videography.
  • There is no Q&A session after the talks but you can interact with the speakers during the breaks.
  • It is essential that you stay till the conclusion of the conference-as a mark of respect to the speakers
  • Entry by invitation only.
  • Only 100 guests will be invited.
  • If you are interested please call the school and confirm. It’s on first come first serve.
TEDx Silver Oaks school event is independently organized under license from TED Follow TEDx Silver Oaks